Process and Quality Control

As you would expect from a professional machine shop, Raptor has highly accurate, highly reliable machine tools. Our robust milling machines have positioning accuracies of 3 microns (.00012") and repeatability of 2 microns (.00008") and are equipped with advanced FANUC controls and servos. However, capturing optimum yield from these machine tools takes knowledge and experience. Applying this experience to the manufacturing process embodies “work smart” as relates to production efficiency and cost. Decisions regarding tooling, programming methodology, fixturing, material/tool interaction, and inspection techniques benefit from hands-on experience and a wide variety of job profiles executed over twenty years. This experience allows us to leverage our knowledge towards continuous improvement in quality and process control.

Our focus on quality assurance starts by using consistent material suppliers. We use modular fixturing and dedicated tooling for each individual machine tool in an effort to speed set up and ensure excellent repeatability. We use a single CAD/CAM system, machine specific programs, sound inspection procedures, and premium quality tooling. Combining these methodologies and procedures with high speed machining techniques allows Raptor Precision to compete effectively with any supplier when considering low to mid volume production runs.

Raptor recognizes that your business demands flexibility and consistent performance from your suppliers. If your job includes requirements that vary from our methodologies, we assess them to determine how we can modify our approach to accommodate your needs. We also manage inventories for select customers.

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